Offshore Instrument Cables - BFOU(I) (NEK 606 S3/S7)

Offshore Instrument Cables - BFOU(I) (NEK 606 S3/S7)



Class 2 stranded tinned copper conductor, Mica tape separator, halogen-free EPR/HEPR insulation, copper/polyester tape individual screen, halogen-free inner covering, tinned copper wire braiding, SHF Mud outer sheathed Usage: Offshore fixed installation cable for signal and communication Voltage: 250V

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Cable Structure
Conductor Electrolytic, stranded, tinned copper wire IEC 60228 Class 2 (Class 5 on request).
InsulationHalogen-free EPR or Halogen free HEPR
LayupCores laid up in pairs/triads, pairs/triads laid up concentrically
Drain Wire Electrolytic, stranded, tinned copper drain wire along with every pair/triad
Individual ScreenElectrolytic copper backed polyester tape screen ( 100% coverage ) over every pair/triad and drain wire
BeddingHalogen-free compound
Overall ScreenElectrolytic, tinned copper braided screen ( 90% coverage ).
SeparatorMica tape over conductor
Outer SheathSHF MUD


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