Instrumentation Cables - XLPE/ISCR/OSCR/PVC-FRRT

Instrumentation Cables - XLPE/ISCR/OSCR/PVC-FRRT



Class 2 stranded plain annealed copper conductor, XLPE insulation, Individual/overall screen- aluminum/polyester tape over tinned copper drain wire (OSCR), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound-FR outer sheathed Usage: for transmission of analog and digital signals in measurement and process control Voltage: 300/500V

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TKF, Instrumentation cable RE-2X(st)Yv-fl PIMF / (XLPE/ISCR/OSCR/PVCfrrt).
Application: For transmission of analog and digital signals in measurement and process control.
Suitable for use in zone 1 and zone 2 group II classified areas (IEC 60079-14).
The individual screening of each pair limits the consequences of crosstalk.

Use: For indoor and outdoor installation.
Constructions are also available in Halogen-Free (HFFR) Flame retardant acc. IEC 60332-3-22 Cat. A
and/or with Circuit Integrity (Fire Resistant) acc.IEC 60331-21.

Product groupSignal cables
SeriesInstrumentation cable
TypeRE-2X(st)Yv-fl PiMF
Radial water blockingYes
Core identificationColour + numbers
Conductor categoryClass 2 = stranded
Core insulationXLPE
Screen over stranding elementDrain-wire solid - Al/Polyester foil
Screen over strandingFoil - drain-wire - Al/Polyester foil - foil
Material outer sheathPVC
Flame retardantIEC 60332-3-24 Cat. C
Operating temperature, flexible-5 / 50 °C
Operating temperature, fixed-30 / 70 °C
Construction and Colour codesSee appendix


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